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what a boring question.

Posted on 2010.09.28 at 13:04
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Day 01 - Introduce yourself
Day 02 – Your first love
Day 03 - Your parents, in great detail.

Day 04 - What you ate today, in great detail.

ok, so it's the middle of the day so i have, as yet, not eaten much. i'm at john's, and i tend to skip breakfast here cos his cupboards are a typical carbohydrates and condiments bachelor-fest, and i favour a more protein and veg based breakfast (a smoothie or a piece of toast with peanut butter and banana or something). for lunch i had leftover lentil loaf with some lettuce in a sandwich (could've used mayo, who doesn't have mayo in their kitchen, seriously??). it was leftover from a recipe i threw together with this badboy http://www.veganlunchbox.com/loaf_studio.html (i plan on making a mushroom and walnut based one next time mum decides on a sunday roast, cos i do still kind of enjoy the traditions of family meals). basically, john and i have been doing a meat-free month for the whole of september, and i have decided, since i don't miss it, that i am going to take the plunge and become an ovo-lacto vegetarian. so far i haven't missed meat at all, and have only had 'fake meat' once, some really good veggie sausages in a sandwich at the fishmarket cafe. i think i've mostly decided to continue because i previously disagreed with the environmental impact of industrial farming, but was too lazy to implement my principles, and now that i have, i've seen how easy it is, and that i don't feel deprived. i may even eventually go vegan, as switching to ovo-lacto didn't involve too much dietary change, but i definitely won't do that while i still live at my mum's, i give her enough grey hair as it is.

as for what i eat for dinner tonight, i don't know, but whether i eat here or at mum's it will probably involve some sort of roasted butternut squash (cos i know john has one and i know i've got one at home). i thought i'd be more adventurous all the time with my cooking in only making vegetarian food, but when i think back to how much veggie stuff i ate all throughout university i realize it hasn't changed my cooking style much at all. i still mostly love spicy food with punchy flavours and lots of greens, and will always fall back on an indian style tomato-based curry if i don't know what to cook.

i should have realized i can witter on about food for ages, shouldn't i? it's definitely one of my primary interests.

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