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starting to feel like cher's tour manager already. odeer.

Posted on 2010.06.02 at 04:01
hearing: florence welch or beyonce LOL
promise you it'll be over soon. promise.


me serving jenny's birthday brownies in last year's house. that was such a great day.


i am pretty sure dan and myself would just be okay if it weren't for those god damned paparazzi scum.


ok internet, i know that the fact i have actually been to a foam party takes me down several notches on how alienated and disaffected i am allowed to be from here on in. this was my first, and only, in my twenties and not on a dodgy euro-package-age-based-wreeeeey, and apart from the obvious there's fuck all wrong with me mentally, and i had no idea it was happening until i was on the way to the club. and my good pal mollyie ben's Birthday Clause had been invoked by then. but yes, this sums up me and lara. minute the other one blinks a schoolkid joke comes into effect. sisface, i love you, very much.


i already miss lizzy so much. everyone needs somone who knows you were pulling an old school moonie in a picture to try and ruin it's artistic merit but then the camerawoman was like, too slow, so you end up just looking like a poseur tosser. but like, someone belieeeved like that little kid with the drawings in loch ness and it's all like, great. just, idk without slideshows and lakes and scientists and meanings and accents or whatevs.


speaking of which, this is all her fault. ALL. HER. FAULT. i will and already do miss her to fuck.


tim, i learned a shit ton about me, and about you in the time we spent together. whenever you're in town i'll always ask how many sandwiches you want. and how much lettuce you want.


maybe the only photo where i don't look fake or like i want to kill the world and bury myself inside to suffocate for all time (y'know, apart from when i was bratty and rude to old people about the grade i didn't get cos i didn't work hard enough) from graduation. courtesy of dan's parents.


o apart from wen it was lyk wel funny how r00d i was to sheila hanCOCK lol


trixibelle_net at 2010-06-08 11:04 (UTC) (Link)
Hi lovely, it's mud_faerie - just letting you know I've got a new blog and won't be using the mud_faerie one anymore :o)
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