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part, oh fuck, what like four? five? ohh.

Posted on 2010.06.02 at 03:00
hearing: beyonce:halo
so part four. ikr, at this rate i shan't ever leave. i owe this place a lot, so shush.


this picture looks unforgiving but i got to know my current housemates here, and had a coherent conversation with my current boyfriend for the first time. yes, in this state. shut up.


basically my favourite coursemates ever. if it helps any they were usually a lot more aloof and both look super-fine in tailoring. fuck me they were a scream when they were drunk though, henry and james i do wish i'd taken a leaf out of your book and travelled the world to go bankrupt rather than studying to.


lizzy and i in the first of many life-changing intense conversations. this really was the start of a beautiful friendship. lizzy, i love you, so much.


my ex pete came down for my 21st. this is an unable to walk in a straight line me, and an unfailingly patient him. we got pizza shortly after cos i couldn't stand up, ne'mind get in anywhere.


this is me and my current housemate emily, round-about my 21st when my family came down. no wonder i was at the peak of my confidence then; look at how i looked.


i should never be allowed near kids but sometimes i am. this was the result of a deliciously sunny day on albert road where hannah's mate sharon turned up in little johnny russell's with her supercute daughter lily. i let this kid lick my lipgloss wand and wipe mushed up banana on the ol' faithful flannel shirt; pretty sure that means we're buds for life now. she's such a cutie, her mama works in topshop and when she gets wheeled in in the pram at close she licks the jewellery and yells 'mine!'. how is that not amazing? if i could legally do that i probably would. although lily looks better in my fake ray bans than me. bitch.


this is hannah's favourite picture of us; but i think it's my favourite picture of hannah. this is her birthday at hipshaker-and she looks as stunning as always; i still remember her showing me the dress, and the topshop girls showing up with the shoes she thought they didn't have in her size cos they'd hid them. i loved living with hannah, i'm thoroughly thrilled that she's happy; i've missed her even this year and i'll miss her a fuckton more when i leave. hannah; i love you so much. so much.

only one more instalment now i reckon folks.

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