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Posted on 2010.06.02 at 02:12
hearing: daft punk:face to face
so i'm on to part three of things i'll miss about portsmouth. all of these things shaped who i am and i'd be sorry if they didn't happen; and frankly they never would have if i wasn't here. so yeah.


dan and i here. this photo only accidentally caught him taking it. looks arty, rite? but yeah this is what happens if you buy me a wham! christmas single as a present. i eat it. because of the stupid sleeve. which i swallowed in two bites.


possibly the only photo of the humanities studying kanye fanclub of '09 ever in existence. we look like if the guardian invented n-dubz.


once upon a time my job was fun...


...cos they let me dress as russell brand for halloween post andrew-sachs. prompting the whole 'well he's not scary' '...weeeell tell that to a mail reader *ba dump tsch*' lulz. (also i was in a cba position and had a fake beard)


first time i properly hung out with lara i sat in a puddle. this is what happened.


first hms pinup i work i'm not even compere for (beautiful drag qeen sally behind me is) and i still nick a punters hat.


hannah i love you and i love how funny you always found this photo. you, jenny and sharon being so girly and my god-damn face, it's not hard to love. but fuuuuck i'll miss you and our mornings. i love you, so much.

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